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How can I add audio- files to my vocabulary?

Create the voice files with your preferred audio application.
Rename the files from "01. xxx" to "50.xxx " (.xxx = WAV; mp3; AIFF,…)
Convert the files to ogg vorbis - format (.ogg). (Free converter: VLC-Player)
Add a folder with the same name as the vocabulary.txt- file (without the ".txt" ending) to the "VocworldData"-folder.
Drag the ".ogg"-files into the folder.

If everything is correctly named, Vocworld detetcts the files automaticly.

add audio example

Vocworld Windows won't start properly.
This is because of the tight security settings in some installations of Windows.

=> Select the Vocworld Application. Right-mouse-click > "Execute as Administrator".

Vocworld Windows: Can't start an exercise. Vocworld remains in overview mode

=> Click the "-" Options button in the upper right corner. Click on "Set new data folder". Restart Vocworld.




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