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Vocworld Space is a vocabulary trainer, based on a 3D - Space Game. It's excitement, fun and learning in one .
Create a vocabulary list in Vocworld Space or download a list from the web database. Share your lists with other users of Vocworld Space or Vocworld for Mac OS and Windows.

Use your web account to arrange your files.

For every point you earn during the learning process you will get free minutes to play with the fun levels.

From Arabic to Telugu, Vocworld supports many languages
​​and writing systems.

Vocworld Space for iPhone, iPod and iPad is available at the AppStore.

Vocworld Space for Android is available at Google Play .

New in Vocworlds web database:
The 850 most important words German - English, with english audio.
Search term: "Basic" + or "850"
For other languages download the lessons and replace the german words.
Google translator will help you...


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